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Slide Color Options for RP and RPA.

Air Tubes

Detachable spare air tubes

Reximex Magazine

Easy fill, high quality material

Airguns Magazine Capacity

4.5 mm (.177 Cal) : 14 Shots
5.5 mm (.22 Cal) : 12 Shots
6.35 mm .25 Cal : 10 Shots

Air Pistols Magazine Capacity ( RP & RPA )

4.5 mm (.177 Cal) : 9 Shots
5.5 mm (.22 Cal) : 7 Shots


Air stripper helps getting better accuracy by decreasing the air turbulence around the muzzle.


An air pressure regulator is a mechanical device that stabilizes the air pressure and volume going to the valve of a PCP airgun. Since the pressure is always stable, an airgun with a regulator shoots with very consistent velocity and precision. As long as there’s enough pressure in the reservoir, it operates as described. When the reservoir pressure drops below the regulated pressure, the regulator remains open all the time and the airgun becomes unregulated.

Single Shot Tray

Air Tube Manometer & Regulator Manometer

Gauge for measuring air pressure. (Bar or PSI depending on the region)

Reximex Air Pump

300 bar, 3 stage, easy install PCP airgun air pump. It is the most affordable way to charge your PCP airgun. The pump also includes a Pressure Gauge.

Filling Equipment & Accessories

Plastic Case

Custom design plastic case for Reximex airguns and accessories.

Textile Case ( RP & RPA )

Custom design waterproof textile case for Reximex airguns and accessories.